In the perfect little town named Good Abode, something is about to explode. Romance and heartbreak for lovers (young and old), murder, suspense, and darkly humorous mystery reveal courage and resiliency of children whose only hope is rescue by a guardian angel. Many colorful and unforgettable characters tastefully develop a unique, uplifting, and zany plot.

Lilly Herod, (Maya McLaughlin) a strong and loving kindergarten teacher, is the angel of mercy. She saves children from abusive parents. Then, one by one, the parents meet with slapstick-comedy style deaths.


A seven-foot tall wrestler, “The Wrench (Scott Schwartz),” fights his way into his daughter’s life: he drowns in a birthday cake. When Lilly discovers the whip marks on 5-year-old Tommy’s hands (Courtland Mead), Tommy’s father, Jack Farrell (Bruce Lurie), swallows a sucker and croaks. The fat mama, Twyla Potter (Hariet Leider) is a daughter-slapping slob who perishes ungracefully with a lollipop lodged in her larynx. Judy Farrell (Charlene Tilton), a drunken lush, meets her end while chasing her son’s inheritance.

Now, the eccentric coroner, Dr. Carlisle (John Ingle), and the credulous police inspector Ted Clement (Billy Zabka) are baffled by the uncanny circumstances surrounding the deaths. Each man is lured off the trail and into love by one of the investigation’s two prime suspects.


Klara (Christiane Hörbiger), the beautifully aged Austrian housekeeper, charms the wits off ol’ Doc who dizzily tumbles into love. Lilly (suspect #2) gets to “know” Ted, in the biblical sense, and on the bed of his undoing she immediately informs Ted of her involvement in all of the killings. Outraged and feeling the “naïve fool,” Ted storms away and the lovers anxiously lament the ensuing days of separation.

To complicate Ted’s situation, he really loves Lilly. He has a deep ethical dilemma. Will Ted send the angel of mercy to the slammer for her crimes? If so, what will become of their child?!

* * *